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best honeymoon destinations

Choosing the best places to honeymoon isn’t easy. We live in a beautiful world and there’s a whole lot to see and enjoy with your new spouse. Most of us can’t afford a trip around the globe, and only have time and budget to visit one special place on our honeymoons.

Bora Bora

If you want to be somewhere exotic and secluded, Bora Bora may be just what your heart desires. You can stay in a little hut over the water with a glass floor through which you can see fish, and have breakfast brought to you each morning by canoe. They specialize in romance in Bora Bora and have amenities from hiking and fishing to luxurious spa rituals. Request a free price quote from one of our agents for an unbelievable price on one of the ten best places to honeymoon.


Lying in the sun isn’t everyone’s style. If you want culture and history (and maybe a good helping of wine), consider Tuscany, one of the best places to hineymoon out there. Even within Tuscany, there’s a variety of options. You could stay at a natural thermal spa, a winery, a villa, or in one of the historic cities like Florence or Siena.


Another urban honeymoon option is Paris, the City of Love. What can we say? The French get romance. You’ll find amazing honeymoon packages offered at the better hotels in Paris, as well as art, lights, and plenty of photo opportunities.

The French Riviera

In the French Riviera, the French are even more laid-back. Go during a hot month to experience the glamour, privacy and exclusivity celebrities love. It’s every bit as fabulous as it’s made out to be. Be sure and spend at least one day out on a yacht, living it up.

Punta Cana

If you like island resorts, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic probably has a perfect spot for you. Click the above to browse what’s available in different price ranges — you won’t have to choose between fun water sports (like scuba bikes and parasailing) and relaxing spa amenities; most of the better resorts have access to it all. Furthermore, if you’re golfers, this is definitely one of the best places to honeymoon for you.


Bali is home to a mysterious and warm culture and exciting experiences. You can choose to spend a little or a lot here; you can stay in a superlatively luxurious hotel or go the budget route and get $5 massages on the beach. Either way, bring souvenir money — the craftsmanship you’ll find in the local markets is top-drawer.


You don’t have to leave the USA to have an first-class honeymoon. Hawaii is an amazing option — and bonus: your cell phone and money work there. The time change is favorable; your “jet lag” will simply be that you’ll feel like you’ve slept till noon and it will be hours earlier. There are incredible options here for budgets of all shapes and sizes, and the scenery is unmatchable.


It has a funny name and it’s closeby in Canada, but Banff has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Gorgeous lakes and majestic pines across a landscape of mountains make Banff one of the best honeymoon destinations, and there are plenty of activities for outdoorsy couples, too.

The Swiss Riviera

Arguably the most romantic place in the world, the Swiss Riviera combines the romance of the French influence with unbelievably storybook-like quaint architecture. And then, there’s Lake Geneva. One boat ride in this glassy, pure lake, gazing up at the grandeur of the French Alps will stay with you both for a lifetime.

Your Nearest Body of Water

Don’t have a lot of cash to spend? That doesn’t mean you can’t visit one of the best honeymoon destinations. Just get yourself into a bed and breakfast with a view of your nearest body of water and let the serenity wash over you as you let go of your wedding stress — and fall in love with each other all over again.

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Lush rainforests, savannahs teeming with wildlife, fertile farmlands, and a diverse population of mammalian and plant life. Sound good? If so, a tropical honeymoon might be perfect for you. The tropics are irresistible to honeymooners who like to go to the beach, but also want a little something extra, be it hiking, zip-lining, or snorkeling.  Bonaire lies outside the hurricane belt and can be enjoyed any time of year without a major threat of big storms. Once you’re here, you could just relax on the beach, but then you’d be missing some of the fun. Famous for diving, Bonaire also has outstanding snorkeling, kayaking, bird-watching, hiking, and horseback riding opportunities. And with an average annual temperature in the 80s and 12 hours of sunlight each day, Bonaire’s best attractions and activities are easy to enjoy.


Arunachal Pradesh, India
Arunachal Pradesh,India 
India’s only surviving rainforest can be found in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, a region with rich wildlife and culture. As the country’s least-populated area, with just 13 people (on average) per square kilometer, it’s the best place in India to escape from the crowds. While people may be few and far between, other species are plentiful. Spend your honeymoon scouting the 500-plus types of birds, touring wildlife sanctuaries (tigers and leopards abound), or seeing hundreds of orchid varieties in their natural habitat. Lastly, if you want to get your heart rate up, you’ll have your pick of adventurous diversions, including trekking, rafting, and boating.


Unlike other tropical locales, you can get a mix of cosmopolitan entertainments and out-of-the-way adventures with a vacation in Singapore. After you’ve had your fill of urban nightlife, fine dining, and souvenir shopping, take a self-guided hike through the rainforest on the MacRitchie Nature Trail, or get a bird’s-eye view of the tropics by spending an afternoon on the HSBC TreeTop Walk. The world-famous Singapore Botanic Gardensoffer sumptuous treats for the senses, as does Orchidville, where you can see delicate beauties in abundance. While the city offers plenty of creature comforts, the outskirts hold a treasure trove of wetland preserves, parks, farms, and wildlife sanctuaries. If you have trouble deciding between a city-focused or outdoorsy vacation, you really won’t have to choose here, as Singapore offers the best of both worlds.


Big Island of Hawaii
Big Island of Hawaii 
Active volcanoes. Black-sand beaches. Coffee plantations. Four national parks. Hawaii’s Big Island is a boon for nature lovers who want a tropical vacation beyond sun and surf (although there’s plenty of that, too). Visit between December and May for humpback whale watching, or any time of year to dive with friendly manta rays. Get your thrills at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, which is both a UNESCO World Biosphere and World Heritage site, and offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to tour the area around Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Want beauty that’s a bit more genteel? Botanical gardens, hiking trails, and countless waterfalls also await you.


Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
With so much on display, wildlife lovers can relish in the abundance of Mozambique, particularly in Gorongosa National Park, where travelers can view antelope, buffalo, elephants, hippos, lions, zebras, and birds in their home territory. Open from March through December (closed during the rainy season, when the park’s roads become inaccessible), Gorongosa offers an authentic experience in the wild, while also maintaining some modern comforts. You can stay right in the park (cabanas feature air-conditioning and showers, so you’re not exactly roughing it), dine at an on-site restaurant, and choose from guided or self-drive tours. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack your binoculars!


Wet Tropics Of Queensland, Australia
Wet Tropics Of Queensland, Australia
The Wet Tropics of Queensland, located along Australia’s northeast coast, are a boon for the outdoorsy traveler. There are 41 national parks; rainforests holding butterflies, birds, marsupials, frogs, and tree- kangaroos (with many rare or only-to-be-found here species); and countless flowering plants. Wallaman Falls features the longest single drop of any waterfall in Australia, and you can explore nearly 150 trails for self- guided tours. If you’d prefer a local guide, there are plenty of eco-tour operators to show you the sights. And let’s not forget all the wonders of the nearby Great Barrier Reef. In fact, there’s so much to do and see, your first trip to the Wet Tropics may just whet your appetite for many return visits.


St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands 
The smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is also home to the Virgin Islands National Park, which designates two thirds of the island as protected parklands. Additionally, the Coral Reef National Monument and its 12,000 acres of underwater preserves maintain and protect the region’s rich coral and sea life. Not known as a party island, St. John is the place to visit for peace, quiet, and to get away from it all. You can fill your days with hiking, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, or sailing, and, at night, relax at a beachfront restaurant or bar and feel your blood pressure drop.


It’s hard to guarantee a happy honeymoon, but the Vanuatu islands sure come close to doing just that. This year, Lonely Planet named the island nation the happiest place on earth (for the second time in four years). Why? The region’s abundant sunshine and diverse natural wonders, as well as the locals’ longevity of life and respect for the planet, have a lot to do with it. This 83-island archipelago in the South Pacific, two hours from Auckland, New Zealand, and just over three hours from Sydney, Australia, is a tropical paradise for those who want to have adrenaline-pumping vacations or do nothing at all. Ever wanted to go sandboarding down a volcano? You can do that here. Or, have you longed to have a beach all to yourself, with a good book and no other commitments? That can be your itinerary, too. No matter what you do, Vanuatu is sure to put a smile on your face.


Back in 1923, the Smithsonian deemed Panama the perfect place to establish its Tropical Research Institute, and it’s no wonder: The country is extremely hospitable to life, being home to nearly 1,000 species of birds, 10,000-plus plant species, and rich animal biodiversity both on land and in the sea. Today, more than 30 percent of the country is protected nature reserves, and visitors can spend their vacations touring rainforests and parklands, snorkeling and diving, or whale watching. Additionally, agritourism is growing rapidly, and many farmers have opened their lands to travelers. If you want to see where your coffee, bananas, and coconuts come from, you can’t get more authentic than visiting their source.


Dominica welcomes visitors with the allure of nature. Tropical forests cover more than two thirds of the island, and within this lush paradise lies a boiling lake, sulphur springs, botanical gardens, and around 1,200 plant species. Additionally, the island is home to Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the eastern Caribbean. On the waterfront, the island teems with coral reefs, perfect for viewing sea life up close with a dive or snorkeling excursion. Known as the “Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean,” Dominica is the only island where sperm whales frolic all year round, so you have a great chance of spotting one of these majestic creatures during your honeymoon.
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Staying at a hotel on a private island means you don’t have to share the terrain with hundreds of other hotel guests or local residents. While amenities such as spa treatments and beach views are par for the course, each of these secluded islands lets you relax in style. Can you hear the tropics calling?

Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach and Private Island

French Polynesia
Located on a small island just off the coast of Bora Bora, you’ll find a private dive center as well as a beach. Stay in a bungalow; some are over water and others are built into the hillside. Enjoy access to super-luxe amenities like a cigar cave, a wine cellar, two on-site bars, a spa, and an infinity pool. Cuisine inspired by many regions is served in the fine-dining restaurant Latitude 16°, including dishes prepared in a Tahitian oven. At Manu Tuki restaurant, tuck into lighter snacks, such as BBQ and Polynesian or French specialties. Tahitian plants are incorporated into treatments at the spa.

Kamalame Cay in Andros Island, the Bahamas

The Bahamas
Kamalame Cay takes up 96 acres on this island, providing lots of privacy for guests. Nineteen rooms are housed in a combination of colorful cottages, bungalows, peaked-roof beach houses, and plantation- style villas (one has a 1,000-square-foot game room with a billiards table). Bahamian-style cuisine with a modern twist is served in the Great House. For a more casual affair, the Tiki Bar hosts local bands and prepares fresh fish on an open grill. Adventurous travelers can forego relaxing on the designated three miles of beach area in favor of kayaking through mangroves, deep-sea fishing for King Mackerel, or scuba diving — all of which can be arranged by the hotel.

Aerial of Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands
Formerly a sugarcane plantation owned by Quakers, this unspoiled 850-acre private island now has seven resort-owned beaches. Guana Island Club’s 15 rooms are housed within stone cottages, or you can reserve the entire Beach House for more privacy. Expect a summer-camp vibe, with ping-pong tables, croquet, beach barbecues, and “Old Movie Nights.” You can also enjoy snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, 12 miles of hiking trails, or massage treatments and yoga classes offered through the spa. All meals are served in The Club and incorporate locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

Young Island Resort

The Grenadines
Johnny Depp slept in one of Young Island Resort’s 30 cottages while filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl — proof of the island’s celeb status. Spa Kalina, in Cottage #15, offers treatments incorporating a product line from Barbados, such as a guava-seed foot. Caribbean-flair dishes (including a five-course menu) are served nightly under a palapa hut or among gardens of tropical flowers and plants. Swim out to Coconut Bar — owned by the resort and just a few yards from shore — for a cocktail.

Cayo Espanto in Ambergis Caye, Belize

Belize is the new hot spot in Central America — yet Cayo Espanto, on a four-acre island in the popular Ambergris Caye area, remains largely undiscovered. Reserve one of seven chic villas, each with turquoise decorative accents, an open-air design for Caribbean Sea views, and direct access to the beach and water. The world’s second-largest barrier-reef system is just a short swim away. Staff can help arrange an excursion, whether it’s a relaxing deserted-island beach picnic, a jungle tour, or intense scuba-diving or fly-fishing voyages.

Beach House in Manafuru Island, Maldives

The Maldives
With so many amenities to choose from, you won’t even think about stepping off Manafuru Island (unless it’s for deep-sea fishing or snorkeling). Villa options include the Water Villa, built above the ocean with glass-paneled flooring. At Moden Spa, the signature Maldivian massage uses local white sea-salt sand and Maldivian coconut oil. The resort also has yoga classes, an art gallery, and a tea lounge. Eight bars and restaurants serve everything from regional-themed menus to wines plucked from the undersea wine cellar.

Parrot Cay island, Turks & Caicos

The Turks & Caicos
Life on this 1,000-acre island is pretty sweet — take your pick of holistic options at COMO Shambhala Retreat; enjoy bone fishing, windsurfing, or hiking; or simply lounge on the mile-long beach. At Parrot Cay Resort, grilled conch and spiced banana fritters are specialty dishes at Lotus restaurant, as are Asian- inspired options like Balinese-spiced mahi mahi. Every Saturday is a barbecue where BBQ Kurubuta baby back ribs slathered in chipotle sauce are the main attraction. Terrace, the other restaurant, is ripe for romantic occasions with an Italian-themed dinner menu and its blueberry hotcakes for breakfast. Lodging runs the gamut from an affordable garden-view room to a duo of four-bedroom maisons (which are owned by Donna Karan).

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With so many places to choose from for that perfect honeymoon, take a look at these top ten choices.

1. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Nevis

At the Caribbean’s only historic plantation inn set right on the beach, wicker-furnished cottages are spread among palm trees filled with green Vervet monkeys and beachfront hammocks that swing in the breeze. For the best views book one of the six Lower Deluxe Junior suites, with attached patios facing the ocean. Hoping to see more of the island’s sugar plantations? The hotel will be happy to put you in touch with Reggie Douglas, Nevis’s reigning cycling champ, for a 2-hour bike tour.

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia
Jade Mountain, St. Lucia
Photo: Courtesy of Jade Mountain

2. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Located at the highest point of the island, near the west coast town of Soufrière, this hillside hotel with a curved exterior and rough stone accents may be one of world’s the most recognizable. Inside, each of the 28 suites is unique, but they all share impressive features: infinity pools or jacuzzis, 15-foot ceilings, and loftlike architecture—even the raised bathroom is essentially part of one huge space. But since there is no fourth wall obscuring the view, the Piton mountain vistas takes center stage.

Jamaica Inn, Jamaica
Jamaica Inn, Jamaica
Photo: Courtesy of Jamaica Inn

3. Jamaica Inn, Jamaica

Long a favorite among visiting British elite, including the likes of Winston Churchill, this classic Caribbean resort on the east side of Ocho Rios was thoroughly renovated in 2007. Now the 47 suites are a blend of Indonesian, colonial, and retro Jamaican décor, but remain refreshingly unplugged, with no TV’s to shatter the peace. Every suite has its own outdoor space, with a private infinity pool and sea entrance just steps from the bedrooms.

Wickaninnish Inn, British Columbia
Wickaninnish Inn, British Columbia
Photo: Courtesy of Wickaninnish Inn

4. Wickaninnish Inn, British Columbia

The Wickaninnish Inn, set on a remote, pine forest–ringed promontory near Pacific Rim National Park, is best enjoyed during fierce weather—the more tumultuous, the better. In the 75 rooms, plush beds and deep soaking tubs sit beside floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the churning ocean. Don a rain jacket for a walk along Chesterman Beach, or relax next to your fireplace with a Pacific Northwest Pinot Noir and the binoculars that are provided in each room.

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Florida Keys
Little Palm Island Resort, Florida Keys
Photo: Courtesy of Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

5. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Florida Keys

This well-regarded private sanctuary is comprised of a cluster of thatched-roof bungalows, a Thai-and-Balinese spa, and a beachfront restaurant (not to mention a new Chef’s Table), and it’s all reachable by a 15-minute boat ride or by seaplane from the mainland. A bonus? Overnight rates include valet parking, boat transfers, mini-bar beverages, and use of watersports equipment.

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, HI
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, HI
Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

6. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii

“Perfect,” “heaven,” and “the best vacation of my life” are just a few ways guests describe this tropical island resort where all 228 rooms, in two-story bungalows, have ocean views. Meanwhile, the grounds border the dramatic volcanic rock coast with seawater and freshwater swimming pools and an open-air spa teems with tropical vegetation. Be sure to schedule tee time: The private 7,100-square-foot oceanfront Jack Nicklaus signature golf course is carved right into the underlying black lava, which serves as occasional bunkers.

Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica
Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica
Photo: Courtesy of Couples Resorts

7. Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

This Jamaica property, the first Couples resort, set the standard for all-inclusive hotels when it opened over 60 years ago. Recently renovated to the tune of $30 million, the hotel now offers 20 new rooms, a dive pool, and 10 spa treatment suites. Reserve the top floor Ocean Junior Suites and you’ll have balconies with sea views, flat-screen TV’s, and king-size beds.

Halekulani, Oahu
Halekulani, Oahu
Photo: Courtesy of the Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani

8. Halekulani, Oahu

It’s all about service at this recently renovated 5-acre Waikiki Beach beauty, which has existed for nearly a century. Breakfast is a highlight: at the open-air dining room at Orchids restaurant, paddle straight for the Hawaiian specialties: pipi kaula beef jerky, marinated ahi tuna poke, lomilomi cured salmon, Waimanalo roast suckling pig, local Kula tomatoes, and Big Island goat cheese. The Halekulani kitchen also whips up the Pacific’s best popovers. Once you’re thoroughly stuffed, book a traditional Polynesian spa treatment like Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage.

Kahala Hotel & Resort, Oahu
Kahala Hotel & Resort, Oahu
Photo: Courtesy of Kahala Hotel and Resort

9. Kahala Hotel & Resort, Oahu

This Oahu classic—fresh from a major renovation—now has thoughtful in-room details (Frette linens; chenille robes; oversize showerheads) in addition to a dolphin-filled lagoon and views of Diamond Head. But it’s the hotel’s storied history that makes this 1964 colossus such an icon. It was here, at what was then a Hilton and known as the Kahollywood, that Richard Burton and Liz Taylor hid out from the paparazzi in a private cabana.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele
Four Seasons Lanai, The Lodge at Koele
Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

10. Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele

An English country manor sensibility pervades this 20-acre central-highland property on sparsely populated Lanai. The 102 rooms and suites have verandas, many fronting the perfectly manicured lawns where croquet and lawn bowling are played. Spend your days on jeep tours, hiking, horseback riding, or skeet shooting, then unwind by the enormous stone fireplaces in the hunting lodge–like Great Hall, sumptuous with dark rich wood, skylights, and libraries and sitting rooms in the wings.

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Want a memorable honeymoon that revolves around chocolate and the Golden Gate Bridge? Then let us arrange for you a honeymoon in beautiful San Francisco. Stay at the all-suite Fairmont Hertiage Place hotel located in the former Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory! Starting at 800 sg. ft,. each suite features a fireplace, gourmet kitchen and dining area. You will also enjoy browsing the speciality boutiques with your $100 gift certificate. Room upgrades upon arrival, continential breakfast daily, 4 one day cable car passes, “Make your own Ghirardelli sundae” party, four tickets to several local San Francisco attractions and complimentary BMW bikes.


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